Meet the 2021 Class of ACOFP Fellows

During the ACOFP 58th Annual Convention and Scientific Seminars, the 2021 class of the ACOFP Conclave of Fellows was recognized. This honorary designation is bestowed upon candidates who have contributed outstanding national and local service through teaching, authorship, research or professional leadership and who demonstrate dedication to ACOFP, as well as commitment to the health and welfare of their patients and to the future of osteopathic family medicine. Read the recent blog, Meet the 2021 Class of ACOFP Fellows, to see this year's prestigious class and share your words of encouragement in the comments.


Osteopathic Family Medicine Firsts: Membership Edition

National Osteopathic Medicine Week may be over, but we want to continue highlighting the proud heritage of osteopathic medicine and celebrating the momentous contributions of DOs past, present and future. Recount some of the most notable moments in ACOFP history in our final blog highlighting osteopathic family medicine firsts in ACOFP membership. ICYMI: Check out the first two blog posts in the series on leadership and education/certification.

Flu Numbers Drop Significantly Amid COVID Pandemic

Since COVID-19 began its spread, influenza numbers around the world have dropped, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Epidemiologists suggest that this drop could be due to measures taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19, as the viruses are transmitted similarly. During the 2020–21 flu season, the United States reported approximately 600 deaths from influenza, as compared to roughly 22,000 in 2019–20 and 34,000 in 2018–19. While public health experts and healthcare workers appreciate the reprieve, there are concerns about what impact this will have in the future, such as the ability to build up immunity. Review WHO influenza transmission tracking and considerations for the impact on the influenza vaccine in this recent article from Scientific American.

Resident Spotlight: Jordan Wong, DO

The Student Association of the ACOFP continues to partner with the Resident Council on the Resident Council Spotlight Series. In the latest installment, students spoke with Jordan Wong, DO, to learn more about his residency program, what being a part of ACOFP means to him and what advice he has for students.