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The Student Association of the ACOFP consists of chapters from all colleges of osteopathic medicine (COM). All osteopathic medical students can enjoy complimentary membership, which offers a variety of benefits while providing opportunities to build a professional network and enhance leadership skills.

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Discover how to get involved at your COM by contacting your ACOFP chapter.

Featured Opportunity

If you did not have a chance to join your fellow students during ACOFP ’21, the student program is now available on-demand for free! Student programs included:

  • Intro to Research Opportunities and the Next Steps 
  • Diversity in Patient Populations Dermatology Workshop
  • Residency Program Director Panel: What Do We Look For?  
  • Coping with COVID-19 and Medical Education: The Student Perspective
  • Vaccine Counseling Workshop 
  • Public Health Pathways Workshop
  • Wellness: Vitamins, Supplements and More

Traditional Leadership

Participating in the ACOFP Congress of Delegates as a medical student is an incredible venture into the world of organized medicine and policymaking. Regardless of what your future practice looks like, public policy is always going to influence patient outcomes and how we practice medicine. Even as a student, attending the Congress gives you an opportunity to use your voice to affect positive change and meet peers and physician leaders in advocacy from across the country.

Fariya Fatima, ACOFP student member



Student Committees

Getting involved with a national student committee is an opportunity for any student to form professional and personal relationships, sharpen their leadership skills and support the mission of the Student Association of the ACOFP.
The National Student Committee application cycle opens in June 2023. Apply to serve a one-year term on the Education, Membership Recruitment, Public Relations, or Resolutions Committees of the Student Association of the ACOFP. 


Education Committee 

The mission and objectives of the Education Committee are to engage students and promote advancing education by further exploring topics pertaining to osteopathic family medicine, researching areas that are of interest to the general student membership and publishing material on these topics through ACOFP. Education Committee members are charged with: 

  • Identifying, surveying, and exploring topics pertaining to osteopathic family medicine
  • Researching topics of interest to the student membership
  • Assisting in evaluating and recommending OMT resources for the student eLearning Center
  • Collaborating with the NSEB to develop educational programs for webinars or live at the ACOFP Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars
  • Collaborating with the Public Relations Committee of the Student Association of the ACOFP, NSEB and ACOFP 

Membership Recruitment Committee

The mission and objectives of the Membership Recruitment Committee are to support local chapter leadership with membership recruitment incentives, creating and sharing resources for chapter membership recruitment activities, and serving as a resource for chapters and monitoring the recruitment activities. Membership Recruitment  Committee members are charged with:

  • Collaborating with chapter presidents on recruitment activities and fairs
  • Selecting the national recruitment fair gifts and prizes (online and in-person) to help promote ACOFP and increase membership
  • Assisting in developing the national recruitment fair campaign to promote ACOFP and increase membership
  • Working with the NSEB, ACOFP Membership Committee, and ACOFP

Public Relations Committee

The mission and objectives of the Public Relations Committee are to develop campaigns to promote student involvement through ACOFP channels of public communication (e.g., social media, monthly newsletters and blog), highlighting student and chapter engagement, and osteopathic family medicine. Public Relations Committee members are charged with:

  • Developing and submitting a blog series highlighting osteopathic medical students and local chapters
  • Developing and producing a podcast series for the Student Podcast Channel
  • Assisting in the development of a campaign to promote National Primary Care Week and other related national recognition weeks
  • Assisting in the development of a campaign to promote the Annual Convention and Scientific Seminars and the related student programs
  • Collaborating with other committees of the Student Association of the ACOFP, NSEB, and ACOFP

Resolutions Committee 

The mission and objectives of the Resolutions Committee are to act as a voice for osteopathic medical students by researching, developing and submitting resolutions to the ACOFP Congress of Delegates  on topics important to student members and osteopathic family medicine. Resolutions Committee members are charged with:

  • Creating and submitting resolutions to the ACOFP Congress of Delegates
  • Encouraging student delegate participation at the state level
  • Engaging student membership and local chapters for topics of interest and resolution support
  • Collaborating with the NSEB, ACOFP Resolutions Review Committee, and ACOFP

Each committee consists of a committee chair, committee secretary, committee members, an NSEB liaison, and an ACOFP staff liaison. The chair will be responsible for facilitating each meeting and the secretary for keeping minutes for the meeting records. All meetings will be held via conference call at intervals determined by the committee chair during the committee term, June 2023 to March 2024. 

There are also other opportunities to get more involved with ACOFP, including the ACOFP state societies, which are great networking sources. Please contact to learn more. 


The National Student Executive Board (NSEB) consists of the president, vice president, secretary, parliamentarian, and the new chapter outreach director, with each term lasting one
year. Each board member also serves as liaison to student chapters, which includes reviewing their reports, awarding points, and planning programming. Additional information can be found in the Constitution and Bylaws.    

Submission Guidelines
All students interested in running for a 2023–2024 NSEB position must self-nominate by submitting the following to Tina Burk, Director of Member & Affiliate Services, by Tuesday, March 1: 

  • CV
  • Headshot
  • Video
  • Letter of intent

All video entries must be submitted as a digital video format of up to three minutes and include the following information on a 10-second title slide: 

  • Full name
  • Year in school
  • School name
  • City
  • State


Open Positions 

To learn more about the positions, watch the recordings from recent Board members about their experiences: 

Questions? Contact Tina Burk or a member of the 2022–2023 NSEB. 

Apply for Student Governor on the ACOFP Board of Governors (application opens summer 2023)  

For questions or comments related to any of our engagement opportunities, please email