Women’s Leadership Spotlight 

The ACOFP Women’s Leadership Spotlight is a series of articles highlighting female members in leadership positions. Female osteopathic family physicians across the country are running clinics, are entrepreneurs who launched product lines, serve as advocates for the profession at local, state and federal levels, champion causes close to their hearts, and much more! Many are also wives and mothers who juggle activities, family time and careers to achieve a happy work-life balance. Throughout the summer, ACOFP will share their stories here on the website, on social media and in the weekly newsletter. 

If you know a female family physician with a great story or cause, please contact ACOFP to submit an article for the Women’s Leadership Spotlight!

This week's spotlight shines a light on ACOFP Fellow and Texas ACOFP President, Katarina Lindley, DO, FACOFP.

Entrepreneurship and Medicine

This week’s ACOFP Women’s Leadership Spotlight shines on physician and entrepreneur Gina Charles, DO. As if being a primary care physician and mother doesn’t keep Dr. Charles busy enough, she also runs her own business. Dr. Charles found time to answer a few questions and explain how to balance more than one career with her family life. She is truly an inspiration to young physicians as well as busy parents around the country!

See more about Dr. Charles’ business on her website: Serenity Aesthetics & Wellness Medspa.

How did you get involved in the business? Did you launch it yourself? 

I've always had a love for beauty. I began testing the waters in this field as a bridal makeup artist while I was in medical school. My husband and I teamed up to form a wedding company where he is responsible for the photography and I handle the bridal makeup. Together, we experienced exponential growth, which meant that when I started my residency, I kept beautifying my bridal clients.

Incorporating skincare services with my bridal makeup package was largely due to my clients constantly “demanding" I drop the deets on my skincare regimen. Little did they know, it was the counsel of one of my aesthetic physician colleagues, who helped improve issues I had with my skin.

When I became fully matriculated as a physician, I spent my weeks seeing patients and my weekends were reserved for my bridal clients. As requests for my skincare regimen continued to pour in, I decided to learn more about Corrective Skincare and Aesthetics. Clearly, there was a demand, so why not incorporate it to my existing services?

Once I started to offer skincare services, my clientele expanded beyond brides-to-be. And with the help of my husband, coach and advisers, I birthed Serenity Aesthetics & Wellness, a boutique medspa providing integrative skincare solutions. 

What is platelet-rich plasma? How can it help your skincare?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentration of platelets in a small volume of plasma, which is developed by drawing blood from a patient then centrifuging it down. PRP stimulates peripheral growth factors and stem cells.When used with microneedling, it improves skin tone, reduces fine lines and blemishes, among other things. When injected into the scalp, it stimulates hair growth.

Do you practice medicine outside of your business?

I do. I prioritize my schedule so that weekly I can tend to both my beauty clients and primary care patients.

Can OMM be applied to aesthetics?

OMM can be performed to stimulate the immune system and directly affects the face and neck. During a facial treatment or facial massage, performing lymphatic drainage can stimulate your face lymph nodes, thereby reducing bloating and congestion and increasing circulation, which encourages a nice glow.

Does your business provide OMT services?

We don't have specific OMT services on the menu; however, we do incorporate lymphatics into the facials.

How do you find a work/life balance as a parent with a young child?

I recently made an Instagram post explaining just that. When we look at someone's carefully curated social media posts, we think that they have it all together. Every hair looks in place. Pictures of them running through sprinklers make it seems like every day is like Disneyland. The reality is, finding work/life balance can be challenging. However, when I made up my mind that I had to achieve this for the sake of my family, business and of course myself, I was intentional and kept a tight schedule.

When it's time to be Ade's wife, I'm that. When it's time to be my Asha's mom, I'm that (sometimes, I'm wearing both hats at the same time). Also, when it's time to be a businesswoman, I'm that too. However, I'm a big proponent on self-care and recharging when I need it the most. I'm no good to anyone when I'm plagued by stress and fatigue. Oh, and my secret sauce for better work/life balance is saying "no." I can't make every brunch, conference or friend's game night. And you know what? I'm perfectly fine with that. 

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