ACOFP Collaborates with the
National Rural Accountable Care Consortium*
To Offer No Cost Assistance with CMS Quality Payment Program

ACOFP is proud to announce its collaboration with the National Rural Accountable Care Consortium’s (the Consortium) Practice Transformation Network (PTN). Funded through the CMS Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative grant, the Consortium’s PTN focuses on rural, solo and small urban practices. This program is not limited to rural providers and is open to ACOFP members and their EPs in primary care settings in all 50 states.


The Consortium is managing one of the largest CMS funded Practice Transformation Networks. Through the Consortium’s PTN, rural, solo, small and independent urban practices will have a special skill set, which will transform their practice to meet the challenges of CMS and payers. The goal of this program is to provide the tools and support to improve quality, reduce cost and improve patient satisfaction. Those in the program will receive consulting, workshops and distance learning on:

•  Financial strategies

•  Billable prevention services
•  Patient attribution
•  How to improve quality and pre-visit planning
•  How to decrease health disparities
•  How to streamline practice workflow
•  How to close care gaps through pre-visit planning

A key component of the program is to identify a Care Coordinator who monitors noncompliant patients  patients who have missed tests, whose test results are out of range, who are at high-risk of hospitalization and those with care gaps. By having a dedicated Care Coordinator, the physician(s) and eligible professionals are freed to do what they do best – care for patients.


To learn more, visit the website for the Consortium PTN, sponsored by the National Rural Accountable Care Consortium.

Complete the 
application and the Consortium will contact you to confirm your participation.

Space is limited and the deadline to enroll is October 1, 2018,or when the program reaches capacity. Join the Practice Transformation Network to provide better quality of care for your patients and earn more rewards for you!

There is no grant application involved with this program.

*The National Rural Accountable Care Consortium is a not-for-profit organization that received a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to help with stabilization of rural, solo and small practices as the US transitions to value-based health care. 



Guest Speaker, Ms. Robin Moody, Executive Director of the National Rural Accountable Care Consortium (NRACC) answers Members’ questions regarding the Practice Transformation Network (PTN).

Listen to Podcast >>

Many physicians do not have the time or resources to address the CMS Quality Payment Program, including the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).  It is often overwhelming, and with no one to guide you, difficult to know where to start. ACOFP and the National Rural Accountable Care Consortium are proud to bring you a no-cost, grant-funded solution.

The Practice Transformation Network concentrates on giving you and your staff new skills to build your practice while learning how to create new revenue streams, build care coordination as a core strength, leverage closing care gaps as a way to gain incentives, utilize population health to improve quality, and much more. View the slide set to learn more about the Practice Transformation Network.