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Correlation Study 

The Predictive Value of the Residency AOBFP In-Service Exam, Produced and Administered by ACOFP

Board Certification is acknowledged as the mainstay for ensuring quality physician-delivered health care within one’s specialty.  Unique assessment processes are integral to monitoring development of the osteopathic family physician throughout training and into practice, and to verify their competency for the safety and protection of the public. This study sought to investigate whether performance on the AOBFP In-Service Exam (ISE) predicted performance on the AOBFP Certifying Exam (CE), and thereby successfully equipped residents to safely enter medical practice.  
For those residents performing above the tenth percentile on the AOBFP ISE, there was a 99% correlation with subsequent first-time passage of the AOBFP-CE. 

Webinar: Navigating the Osteopathic Pathway

Explore the pathway to osteopathic initial certification with leaders from ACOFP, AOBFP. and the ACOFP Foundation in the on-demand webinar, Navigating the Osteopathic Pathway: A 2023 Guide. Learn how the ISE correlates to the AOBFP Board exam, EEIC and and why you should take advantage of the ACOFP Foundation's Initial Certification Grant.

FORWARD: Obesity Curriculum for Residency Programs

The FORWARD: Obesity Curriculum for Residency Programs program is a modular obesity curriculum for professional schools aimed at ensuring adequate training of future MDs, DOs, PharmDs, NPs and PAs in the management of obesity. The curriculum was developed by Novo Nordisk in consultation with leading obesity experts and professional associations.

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Explore Best Practices in Family Medicine Residency Education

The 2023 ACOFP Faculty Development and Program Directors' Workshop is now available on-demand. As you know, faculty development is a core ACGME family medicine residency requirement, and attending our workshop is a great way to help meet that requirement.

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Osteopathic Recognition Toolkit

ACOFP and Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME)/AACOM are collaborating to provide resources for programs with or applying for Osteopathic Recognition. We have pooled resources and sample evaluations to help programs in their efforts to attain Osteopathic Recognition. This toolkit will contain sample evaluations and other resources that you can use to help your program(s). These tools are meant to inspire you and give you examples of how you could build evaluations for your individual program. We hope these resources will make your journey to recognition easier and help you teach the next generation of osteopathically trained physicians.

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Registration for the 2024 formative assessments is open through August 1, 2024!


The 2024 AOBFP In-Service Exam, produced and administered by ACOFP, will take place October 1–15, 2024. 


The 2024 Clinical Osteopathic Recognition Training Examination (CORTEx) exam will take place October 1–15, 2024.

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