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Now Available: Osteopathic Recognition Toolkit

ACOFP and Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME)/AACOM are collaborating to provide resources for programs with or applying for Osteopathic Recognition. We have pooled resources and sample evaluations to help programs in their efforts to attain Osteopathic Recognition. This toolkit will contain sample evaluations and other resources that you can use to help your program(s). These tools are meant to inspire you and give you examples of how you could build evaluations for your individual program. We hope these resources will make your journey to recognition easier and help you teach the next generation of osteopathically trained physicians.

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Pursuing the Osteopathic Pathway: A 2021 Guide to Formative Assessments & Initial Certification

Please join leaders from ACOFP, AOBFP and the ACOFP Education and Research Foundation at 11 am CT on Wednesday, May 12, for the complimentary webinar, Pursuing the Osteopathic Pathway: A 2021 Guide to Formative Assessments & Initial Certification. During the presentation, you will learn more about this year’s formative assessment exams; hear how the In-Service Exam correlates with the AOBFP Board exam; explore Early-Entry Initial Certification; and find out how residents can take advantage of the ACOFP Foundation’s Initial Certification Grant.

Please note: A recording of this webinar will be available for those who cannot attend live.

If you would like to email questions to the panel in advance, please send them to

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Questions? Contact Bina Mehta at 847.952.5105 or


Registration for formative assessments will open summer 2021.


The 2021 AOBFP In-Service Exam, produced and administered by ACOFP, will take place October 13–20, 2021.


The 2021 Clinical Osteopathic Recognition Training Examination (CORTEx) will take place in October 2021.

CORTEx is designed to help residency programs with Osteopathic Recognition status meet the ACGME requirement.

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