ACOFP Women and Leadership

This award honors female physicians who serve as clinical role models, teachers, highly accomplished professional leaders and sources of inspiration for women and men who are in medical training. 

It’s administered through the Women's Leadership Committee, whose mission is to develop educational and networking opportunities that promote women leadership roles in the osteopathic profession.

To qualify for the Outstanding Female Leader Award, nominees must be in active practice for at least five years and must be a member of the ACOFP. 
A completed application, current curriculum vitae and at least one letter of recommendation from an ACOFP member and/or ACOFP state society member is required to apply. 

Celebrating Women's Voices in Medicine and Leadership
The ACOFP Women's Leadership Committee hosted "Celebrating Women's Voices in Medicine and Leadership," webinar during which members of the committee discussed how to utilize the ACOFP Fellowship criteria to guide female physicians toward an award status that distinguishes them for their achievements, while also exploring engaging medical students in scholarly research. Check out the blog posts on relevant topics discussed during this session.

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The ACOFP congratulates
Natalie A. Nevins, DO, MSHPE

as the recipient of the
2022 Outstanding Female Leader Award.