Cervical Cancer: Being Proactive with Preventative Pap Smears

Cervical screening through regular Pap smears, as well as the HPV vaccine, are both incredible tools in the prevention of cervical cancer. When it comes to risk reduction for cancer development, women should be educated by their health care providers that prevention is indeed the best medicine. Read more in this post by Maura Fox, OMS-III.

Shrinking Returns Driving Pharma to Adopt New Business Models

Deloitte’s annual report measures the returns from pharmaceutical innovation. Over the past ten years, pharmaceutical companies have generated scientific breakthroughs, some exceptional returns and had abundant access to capital. But during this time, they’ve seen their rates of return steadily decline.

Walgreens and Microsoft "Health Corners" Launches

to launch 12 “health corners” pilot pharmacies in Tennessee. The sites have two clinic-like rooms where the patient meets with a pharmacist to discuss medications and health-tech devices.

Book Your Room for ACOFP '20

The host hotel, the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, has sold out. Haven't booked your room? Don’t worry—ACOFP has secured rooms at two nearby hotels: The Westin New Orleans and the Loews New Orleans Hotel. Register and book your room today.