Less EHR Time Fights Physician Burnout
Research has shown that more than half of a primary care physician's work day is spent interacting with an EHR. EHR use contributes to all three elements of physician burnout: lack of enthusiasm, lack of accomplishment and cynicism. Read more about how you can shorten EHR notes to reduce stress and physician burnout.

Zika Virus: A Review for Family Physicians
In the September/October issue of OFP the authors of Zika Virus – a Review for Family Physicians , provide an overview of the history, symptoms, tests, complications, prevention and treatment of the Zika virus (ZIKV), a declared public health emergency of international concern. Armed with the knowledge from this article, the medical community can help prevent the spread of ZIKV and its potential complications. 


Talking to Your Child About Zika
Children may have many questions about ZIKV since it has been so prevalent in the media. The recent OFP patient education handout on Ideas for Talking to Your Child About Zika explains how speaking to a child with facts and tailoring the conversation to their age and concerns can help them cope with Zika and spread understanding.

Primary Care Physician Shortage
Forty-four million people, or 13 percent of Americans, live in a county with a primary care physician shortage, defined as less than one primary care physician per 2,000 people, according to a report from UnitedHealth Group.

Vaccines Update at OMED
Get caught up on the latest vaccination information presented by several physicians in Current Update on Vaccines and Immunology at OMED 2018. Presenters will speak on the specific topics below, and then convene for a panel discussion and answer questions from the audience. Register online  to attend OMED.


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Zika Virus - A Review for Family Physicians

Approach to Polyarthritis for the Primary Care Physician

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