It's Award Season
The ACOFP recognizes outstanding osteopathic family physicians each year with several awards. Submissions are now open for three 2019 awards: Outstanding Female Leader, Osteopathic Family Physician of the Year and Osteopathic Family Medicine Educator of the Year. Winners are selected by corresponding ACOFP committees and the Board of Governors. We invite you to nominate a colleague who you feel demonstrates qualities of leadership and outstanding patient care.

Understanding Your Medicare Payment Adjustment for 2019
Payment adjustments will be announced in January 2019. MIPS adjustments, positive or negative, will impact all Medicare Part B payments for the year based on MIPS Quality Scores. The CMS fact sheet has a Q and A section on page 3, which helps physicians understand their specific circumstance. Additional 2018 MIPS and APM information is available on the 2018 CMS website.

Annual Wellness Visits for Medicare
The ACOFP Alternative Payment Model Committee has published a new episode on the ACOFP podcast, Successfully Implement Annual Wellness Visits in Your Practice. An Annual Wellness Visit, or AWV, is recommended for all Medicare Part B patients who have been on Medicare for 12 months. The AWV determines the status of the patient’s overall health, including chronic disease(s), medications, weight and BMI, and other information. Dr. Robert Pedowitz explains what is included and why it is important for all Medicare Part B patients to receive an AWV. You will also hear coding and payment information for AWVs, including that there is no co-pay for Medicare Part B patients.

Mussels off Coast of Seattle Test Positive for Opioids
When humans ingest opioids like oxycodone, they ultimately end up excreting traces of the drugs into the toilet. Those chemicals then end up in wastewater. And while many contaminants are filtered out of wastewater before it's released into the oceans, wastewater management systems can't entirely filter out drugs. Thus, mussels in the Puget Sound of Washington tested positive for many medications: opioids, antidepressants, Melphalan and more. Review the evidence on how opioids flow downstream to affect marine life in the Puget Sound.

Nurse Practitioner Demand Surges as Insurers Push Retail Care
For the twelfth consecutive year, the family doctor was the most highly recruited doctor, followed by psychiatrists amid a nationwide shortage of behavioral specialists and mental health professionals generally. Nurse practitioners are more in demand than all but those two categories of physicians as large health providers like UnitedHealth Group’s Optum, CVS Health and insurers work with retailers to reach patients in their communities.

Read about the trend that is driving the surge in nurse practitioner recruitment.


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