A Practical Approach to Initial Certification
In this week's blog post, , Saroj Misra, DO, FACOFP, seeks to help clarify what has been confusing and frustrating for any resident who wants to know what options are available in terms of assessment and certification.

Update on Office-Based Strategies for the Management of Obesity
In 2018, the Obesity Medical Association amended its previous algorithms to include two distinct pathologies that fall within the category of obesity: fat mass disease (FMD) and adiposopathy. These two diagnoses are now classified under obesity, not otherwise specified ICD-10 Code (E66.9). Read the July/August OFP journal research article, , for details on the updated methods to classify, identify and manage patients with these disorders.

Symptom Duration for Delayed Return to Usual Health
Most studies to date have focused on symptoms duration and clinical outcomes in adults hospitalized with severe COVID-19. Findings in a recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that even among symptomatic adults tested in outpatient settings, it might take weeks for resolution of symptoms and return to usual health.

Continue the Conversation on Unconscious Bias
You can still be a part of the implicit bias in medicine conversation when you join more than 250 fellow physicians for the  next month (Aug. 14–16 + Aug. 21–23).
Friday, August 21,12–1 pm CT, Unconscious Bias
Understand the physiologic basis and its main purpose in human function, and leave this session able to name at least four ways to work with your unconscious biases.
Sunday, August 23, 12:50 1:40 pm CT, Structural Racism and Medicine
Join us to understand how racism impacts racial and ethnic health inequities and discuss current events that illustrate the correlation between race and medicine.