Watch: 2022 Intensive Osteopathic Update Recap 

ACOFP President Bruce Williams, DO, FACOFP, shares his experience at Intensive Osteopathic Update, which was held last weekend. 

2022 Adult Immunization Schedule Updates  

Review changes to the adult immunization schedule and walk through each illness and its recommendations or changes from the following year, including COVID-19, influenza, human papillomavirus and others.

ACOFP Leads Rural Physician Workforce Initiative  

ACOFP was instrumental in recently securing Rural Physician Workforce Production Act of 2022's introduction in the U.S. House of Representatives.

A Call to Serve 

ACOFP President Bruce R. Williams, DO, FACOFP, details his journey to leadership in the organization and in the osteopathic family medicine profession in his July/August Letter From the President's Desk.

The Cannabis Conundrum 

Jacob Lenz, OMS-IV, explores the benefits and adverse effects of cannabis—both recreational and medicinal—and how the role of continued legalization across the United States impacts patient care. 

2022 Osteopathic Family Physician of the Year Award 

Congratulations to 2022 ACOFP Osteopathic Family Physician of the Year, Robert I. Danoff, DO, MS, FACOFP, FAAFP—who has dedicated his life to serving patients and the osteopathic profession. 

Patient Education Handout: Iron Deficiency Anemia 

This patient education handout defines anemia, identifies groups at an increased risk of developing iron deficiency anemia, shares common symptoms and signs, and highlights treatment options.

Physician and Professor Ernest Gelb, DO, Installed as AOA’s 126th President

Dr. Gelb will serve as the president of the American Osteopathic Association for the 2022–23 term.