Getting Involved With the ACOFP Congress of Delegates 

The ACOFP Congress of Delegates meets only once a year prior to the start of the Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars and Reference Committee meetings will be held virtually on the first Saturday in March. Delegates have the duty of considering not only the wishes of their state societies, but also the welfare of the college and of the osteopathic family medicine profession. If you are interested in serving as a delegate, submit your name for consideration. ACOFP state society executive directors will receive a list of members who express interest in this volunteer opportunity, as they are responsible for finalizing their state delegate and alternate delegate rosters.

Delegate Responsibilities

Delegates have several responsibilities. Prior to the meeting delegates should work with their colleagues to draft resolutions for consideration and review all the resolutions/meeting materials. Delegates also have an opportunity to serve and/or testify at the reference committee hearings and participate in state society caucuses. After the reference committees present their reports, delegates can testify and vote on the recommendations of the reference committee for action. Following the meeting delegates should report highlights of the meeting to the leadership or membership of the organizations they represent. 

Alternate Delegate Responsibilities

Alternate delegates do not have the privilege of access to the floor but may be seated in the visitors’ section until they serve in the “delegate” capacity. Alternate delegates may testify on resolutions in reference committees and participate in state society caucuses. Because alternate delegates technically are not Congress of Delegates members, they cannot introduce resolutions or vote. However, they can be temporarily credentialed to substitute for a delegate, and thus speak and debate on the floor, offer amendments to pending matters, and make motions and vote on the outcome of items of business. To access the floor, alternate delegates must be formally recredentialed as a delegate.