2018 Conclave of Fellows of ACOFP

2018 Distinguished Fellow Award Recipients

Pictured left to right): 
Bruce B. Cunningham, DO, FACOFP dist.; Duane G. Koehler, DO, FACOFP dist.; Steven G. Bander, DO, FACOFP dist.

2018 Fellow Award Recipients

Top row (left to right): 

Jonathan Torres, DO, FACOFP; Andrew Eilerman, DO, FACOFP; Jillane Pitcher, DO, FACOFP; David Magness, DO, FACOFP; Gary Patzkowsky, DO, FACOFP

Middle row (left to right): 
Lawrence Northorn, DO, FACOFP; Brent Sanderlin, DO, FACOFP; Stephen McKernan, DO, FACOFP; Daniel Freeland, DO, FACOFP, Kevin Ache, DO, FACOFP; Igor Altman, DO, FACOFP; Peter Bidey, DO, FACOFP

Bottom row (left to right): 
Sarah James, DO, FACOFP; Patricia Happel, DO, FACOFP; Danielle Cooley, DO, FACOFP; Terri Bowland, DO, FACOFP; Jennifer Ravenscroft, DO, FACOFP; Rachel Johnson, DO, FACOFP; Rebeccah Rodriguez-Regner, DO, FACOFP

Not Pictured:
David Kuo, DO, FACOFP and Cynthia Lubinsky, DO, FACOFP