Past Resolutions

The ACOFP keeps an updated archive of the resolutions passed by its Congress of Delegates each year during the ACOFP Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars.


Resolution 1.
Approval of March 21-22, 2018 Congress of Delegates Minutes

Resolution 2.
Approval of 2019 Budget

Resolution 3.
Revisions to Sunsetting ACOFP Position Statements

Resolution 4.
Position Statement on Telemedicine

Resolution 5.
Student Delegation in ACOFP Congress

Resolution 6.
Creation of a National Resident Delegation for the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP)

Resolution 7.
Distinguished Fellow

Resolution 8.
ACOFP Gun Safety Policy Resolution

Resolution 9.
Partnering with ACGME to Increase the Number of Community-Based Primary Care Residency Programs

Resolution 10.
Creating a Directory of Members for Hosting Medical Students on Away Rotations and Residency Interviews

Resolution 11.
OMT Boot Camp

Resolution 12.
Longitudinal Assessment Platform AOBFP

Resolution 13.
Board Certification Results

Resolution 14.
Past Resolutions and Position Statements Searchable Database Webpage

Resolution 15.
Scope of Practice of Family Physicians

Resolution 16.
Interoperable Electronic Medical Records

Resolution 17.
Health Effects of Climate Change

Resolution 18.
Housing Affects Healthcare

Resolution 19.
Incorporating Nutrition Education into Core Medical School Curriculums

Resolution 20.
Opposition to Patients Discrimination of Osteopathic Family Physicians

Resolution 21.
Naloxone Availability

Resolution 22.
Opioid Education

Resolution 23.
The Identity and Uniqueness of Osteopathic Medicine

Resolution 24.
POFPS Resolution 60th Anniversary

Resolution 25. 
MDs as ACOFP Active Members

Resolution 26.
The AOA Exercises Caution When Considering Certification

Resolution 27.
Certification Component Development

Resolution 28
OMT Performance Exam Pathway

Resolution 29
AOA Specialty Board Certification

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