The AOBFP  In-Service Exam Plus (ISE+) , produced and administered by ACOFP, is a formative exam that will fulfill
 ACGME standard requirements. It also includes an osteopathic component that will fulfill ACGME’s OPP/OMM formative assessment requirement for programs that have Osteopathic Recognition (OR). This formative assessment is open to DOs, interns and MDs in ACGME-accredited programs with or without osteopathic recognition. 

The 2020 In-Service Examinations will take place on Thursday, October 8, 2020.  If there are scheduling conflicts, the exam may be administered between October 7 and October 14. 

Registration for the 2020 ISE+ formative assessment  is now open. Register your program.

ACGME Standard: V.A.2.b.(3).(a) The program must use an objective validated formative assessment method (e.g., in-training examination, chart stimulated recall). 
Osteopathic Recognition Requirement: V.A.2.f There must be objective formative assessment of osteopathic medical knowledge and procedural skills. This should include: 
A standardized assessment of OPP knowledge; and, 
An assessment of skill proficiency in OMT, as applicable to the specialty.