The AOBFP In-Service Exam (ISE), produced an administered by ACOFP, is a formative exam that will fulfill the ACGME’s formative assessment requirement for programs  with or without osteopathic recognition.  It will also meet the requirement for AOBFP Early Entry Initial Certification (EEIC). This formative assessment is open to DOs, interns and MDs. 
The 2020 In-Service Examinations will take place on Thursday, October 8, 2020.  If there are scheduling conflicts, the exam may be administered between October 7 and October 14. 

Registration for the 2020 In-Service Exam is now open. Register your program.

ACGME Standard: V.A.1.c).(7) use an objective validated formative assessment method (e.g., in-training examination, chart stimulated recall).