The Clinical Osteopathic Recognition Training Exam (CORTEx) is a formative stand-alone OPP/OMM exam that will fulfill the Osteopathic Recognition ACGME requirement. This is open to DOs, interns and MDs in ACGME-accredited programs with osteopathic recognition.  

This year, CORTEx will be administered on NBOME’s new CATALYST platform, which will deliver the test questions and store their answers. CATALYST is based on cognitive learning principles that include immediate reinforcement, spacing questions over time and interleaving topics. 
There are 75 CORTEx questions using formative assessment that provides immediate feedback for each question. After responding to each question, the resident will be informed whether they answered the question correctly or not. They will be provided with the correct answer, the reason or rationale for it, along with additional references for further learning. They will also be asked to rate their confidence in answering each item.

CORTEx is designed to help residency programs with osteopathic recognition status meet the ACGME requirement as follows:

Osteopathic Recognition Requirement
This should include: 

  • A standardized assessment of OPP knowledge