Starting a New ACOFP aFFILIATE or State Society

Are you interested in forming an ACOFP affiliate society?

Remember that all affiliated societies must be organized in conformity with the ACOFP’s Constitution & Bylaws

Start by drafting your state constitution and bylaws, which must then be submitted to and approved by the ACOFP Congress of Delegates. Then, launch a membership campaign to all osteopathic family physicians in your state, asking them to become charter members of your affiliate society. 

Next, schedule elections for state chapter officers and to constitute a board of directors. 

Remember that after your approval and at least every five years or whenever you amend your constitution and bylaws, they must be submitted to the ACOFP Executive Director for the ACOFP Constitution & Bylaws Committee for approval and to provide recommendations to the ACOFP Board of Governors for final approval.  

All current bylaws will be kept on file in the ACOFP national office in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Please contact Tina Burk if you have any questions.  

If you want to have a national ACOFP officer attend your annual meeting, you are encouraged to submit a letter of invitation. The ACOFP will then work with you to make the appropriate arrangements. 

For more information, contact the Tina Burk at the ACOFP national office.