Committees of the Board of Governors

Executive Committee
The mission of the Executive Committee is to advise the ACOFP President, take actions as appropriate in lieu of ACOFP Board meetings, and provide oversight for the Executive Director’s performance. 

Finance Committee
The mission of the Finance Committee is to review as often as is indicated ACOFP’s fiscal and operational status, and to ensure that the financial operations are consistent with policy and procedures.

Department of Governance & Operations

Audit Review Committee
The Audit Committee provides independent oversight into ACOFP’s accounting and financial reporting and oversees the annual audits. The audit committee may oversee a broad range of areas under the blanket of this primary purpose.

Awards Committee
The mission of the Awards Committee is to accept, evaluate and recommend the applications for fellows and all other ACOFP awards.

Constitution & Bylaws/Policy & Organizational Review Committee
The mission of the Constitution & Bylaws/Policy & Organizational Review Committee is to maintain accurate up to date Constitution and Bylaws documents of the ACOFP; serve as a resource to officers and state societies; maintain an accurate up to date policy manual; and to recommend changes in policy and procedures to the Board of Governors.

Congress Credentialing Committee
The mission of the Congress Credentialing Committee is to ensure that the voting members of the ACOFP Congress of Delegates are appropriately credentialed, in accordance with the bylaws of the College.

Medical & Professional Ethics Ad-Hoc Committee
The mission of the Ethics Committees is to evaluate and address issues that may affect the ACOFP membership. Review and evaluate position papers, policies and white papers that present ethical opinions of the organization. Advise the Congress of Delegates and officers on positions ACOFP may take on ethical issues. 

Executive Council of Conclave of Fellows
The mission of the Executive Council of Conclave of Fellows is to encourage, recognize, and reward those board certified osteopathic family physicians who have demonstrated leadership within the Osteopathic Profession and in their communities on a local, state and national level. 

National Student Executive Board
The mission of the National Student Executive Board is to act as a voice for the Student Association of the ACOFP and work with the ACOFP student chapters at the colleges of osteopathic medicine to develop future leaders of ACOFP and the profession of osteopathic family medicine.

Leadership Development Committee
The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) shall interview the Board of Governors to learn about the current needs of the organization to help solicit, interview and construct a list of nominees (one nominee for each open Board position) based on competencies and multi-representational elements for Board Governors and Officers. The LDC is also charged with cultivating and developing ACOFP’s leadership pipeline all year long through blog posts, webinars, mentorship and participation at in-person events when available. 

Time Commitment: Members at-large will serve a two-year term and need to dedicate approximately two hours per month to LDC Zoom meetings starting in April through November, as well as 5–10 hours reviewing nominee applications and participating in Zoom interviews of students/residents and 5–10 hours for in-person governor interviews at OMED.

Resolutions Review Committee
The mission of the Resolutions Review Committee is to review all resolutions that are placed on the agenda of the Congress of Delegates and assure that the grammar and format of all resolutions meet the ACOFP standards.

Department of Education

KLA Advisory Committee
To oversee all CME and professional development programming to ensure alignment and identify new product lines that support life-long learning for members and non-members. To support the growth of non-dues revenue for ACOFP. To coordinate learning activities amongst the committees charged with educational goals.

OFP Editorial Committee
The mission of the OFP Editorial Committee is to ensure that the Osteopathic Family Physician (OFP) Journal meets member needs for information related to scientific advancements in osteopathic family medicine, socio-economic, practice management, legislative/regulatory matters, and ACOFP educational events, benefits and services. 

CME Conference Advisory Committee
Ensure the educational and collegial integrity of programs presented by the ACOFP, including oversight of all Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities at the ACOFP Annual, IOU and OMED Conventions developed by work groups and committees of ACOFP.  Work to evolve the programming format to meet changing adult learning practices.

Annual Convention Work Group
Oversee the development and implementation of ACOFP's Annual Convention.

OMED Work Group
Oversee the development and implementation of ACOFP's programming at OMED.

In-Service Exam Work Group
The mission of the In-Service Exam Work Group is to work in conjunction with AOBFP as they begin the process of changes to the initial certification exam. Provide services necessary to create and maintain a comprehensive database of evidence-based medical information to be used in the formative evaluation of knowledge of osteopathic family medicine. 

Family Medicine Faculty + PD Workshop Work Group
Provide continuing education opportunities for the Family Medicine Faculty and Family Medicine Residency Directors.

CORTEx Work Group
The mission of the CORTEx Work Group is to provide a formative exam tool for the assessment of residents in osteopathically recognized graduate medical education.

OMT Workshops Work Group
The mission of the OMTeaching Work Group is to keep the OMTeaching Video Library up to date and relevant for COMs, students, Residency Programs and residents. Create the information and resources to accompany the new videos.

Osteopathic Clinical Research (OCR) Work Group 
The mission of the Osteopathic Clinical Research Committee is to promote, support, and encourage research in osteopathic family medicine.

Procedural Medicine Work Group
The mission of the Procedural Medicine Work Group is to identify, evaluate, plan and implement educational programs and workshops in procedural medicine for the benefit of ACOFP members with the goal of improving and increasing procedural skills among osteopathic family physicians, residents and students.

Department of Business Affairs

Practice Management Committee
The mission of the Practice Management Committee is to identify educational and practice management resources for members to use for transitioning to advance payment and other alternative payment models. 

Membership Committee
The mission of the Membership Committee is to partner with staff to increase ACOFP membership via increased engagement, retention and recruitment. Make recommendations to staff and the Finance Committee related to new membership strategies to be considered. 

Department of Public Affairs

Community Health Ad-Hoc Work Group 
This group will meet regularly and work to develop 2–3 community-based funding concepts that aim to demonstrate the impact of osteopathic family medicine in improving the health of patient populations and communities. Sample concept topics include rural health, disease specific care and social determinants of health, but the work group is welcome to develop new ideas. Members of the group will be encouraged to utilize existing networks to aid in socializing these concepts with potential corporate or Foundation funders. 

DEI Advisory Group

This group will meet no more than quarterly to assess DEI-related metrics, review the progress of approved recommendations from DEI Task Force and act as a resource for other DEI-related issues. 

Federal Legislation & Advocacy Committee

The mission of the Federal Legislation & Advocacy Committee is to monitor proposed health care legislation and regulation that impacts the ability of osteopathic family physicians to care for patients and be properly reimbursed for professional services. Provide resource for members and affiliate societies on regulatory, legislative and policy affairs that affect proactive rights, privileges, allied professionals, etc. 

Health & Wellness Committee
The mission of the Health & Wellness Committee is to develop and disseminate strategies, content and resources for promotion of preventive medicine, healthy lifestyle/wellness and best care practices among both professionals and patients. Incorporate all member/patient constituency groups (women, minority, LGBTQI, medically underserved) in these resources and related activities.

Department of Professional Affairs

Family Medicine Chairs Committee
The mission of this committee is to work with the U.S.-based colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) family medicine/primary care departments to encourage osteopathic medical students to consider family medicine as a career, to encourage students to choose Osteopathically Recognized residency programs, and to foster the osteopathic spirit and solidarity. This committee aims to strengthen and develop ties between COMs/family medicine residency programs with Osteopathic Recognition and ACOFP by promoting the unique characteristics of osteopathic principles and practices, and by helping ACOFP serve as the leader in communication with osteopathic medical students.

Auxiliary to the ACOFP
The mission of the Auxiliary to the ACOFP is to advocate for ACOFP physician members and osteopathically focused family medicine residents and students by financially supporting various programs.

Women’s Leadership Committee
The mission of the Women’s Leadership Committee is to develop appropriate educational and networking opportunities that foster leadership development among women members.

Preceptorship Committee
The mission of the Preceptorship Committee is to identify and educate high quality preceptors to promote excellence and innovation in the education of third- and fourth-year osteopathic medical students to enhance the student’s interest in osteopathic family medicine.

Resident Council
The mission of the Resident Council is to develop a strategy to effectively communicate with residents and develop resources to ensure osteopathic residents remain involved in ACOFP.

New Physicians Committee 
Seek ways to serve the needs of New Physicians in practice less than 7 years and family medicine resident members. Seek ways to involve these professionals in ACOFP initiatives and activities.

Legacy Group 
The purpose of the ACOFP Legacy Group is to provide a structured forum for past presidents and other distinguished ACOFP members who have dedicated significant time and service to the ACOFP. The Legacy Group will convene to share ideas, and to collaborate on Board of Governors initiatives that further the mission of the ACOFP. The Legacy Group will work to preserve ACOFP history and provide overall support to the ACOFP Board of Governors.

ACOFP Congress of Delegates

Delegate/Alternate Delegate
The ACOFP Congress of Delegates (COD) is the policy-making and legislative body of the ACOFP and shall perform such functions as set forth in the bylaws. The COD meets only once a year prior to the start of the Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars, and Reference Committees will be held virtually on the first Saturday in March. If you are interested in serving as a delegate, submit your name for consideration. ACOFP state societies will receive a list of members who express interest in this volunteer opportunity as they are responsible for finalizing their state delegate and alternate delegate rosters.