February - Monthly Toolkit

In February, Health is Primary focuses on the importance of addressing heart health. Join them in raising awareness about the risk of heart disease by talking about how to better control key risk factors and health-promoting behaviors. Download the February toolkit which includes new patient handouts.

The Facts About Heart Disease:

  • About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year - that's 1 in every 4 deaths.
  • Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. More than half of the deaths due to heart disease in 2009 were in men.
  • Every hour in the US, about 83 Americans die from heart disease and stroke.
  • Prevention and management of chronic disease are best performed by multidisciplinary teams in primary care and public health.

ACOFP is a proud sponsor of Health is Primary, a communications campaign launched by Family Medicine for America's Health to help strengthen primary care and make America healthier.

Health is Primary advocates for the values of family medicine, demonstrates the benefits of primary care, and engages patients in our health care system.


Visit healthispimary.org to download monthly toolkits, campaign ads and patient information sheets to display in your office and distribute to your patients.


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