Special Interest Groups

Welcome to ACOFP Special Interest Group (SIG) online forums. The ACOFP SIGs are included in your membership and provide a no-pressure environment to learn, discuss and network with like-minded peers on a range of topics that focus on important areas of medicine. The ACOFP hopes these SIGs will engage members and bring together those who might not engage otherwise. Join one or all of them to maximize your learning and networking potential.


Direct Primary Care SIG

 Description:  The prevalence of this primary care model continues to increase among family physicians. This SIG will provide resources, education and support for physicians interested in DPC.

 Chair: Anastasia Benson, DO
 Staff Contact: Tina Burk

Diversity and Inclusion SIG

 Description: Physicians are providing care for a more diverse population than ever before. This SIG will offer networking, support and collaboration to members who want to learn more about how to treat specific problems of ethnic and racial minorities and members of the LGBTQ community.

 Chair: Joan Grzybowski, DO, FACOFP
 Vice Chair: Derrick Sorweide, DO, FACOFP
 Staff Contact: Tina Burk

Men’s Health SIG

 Description: Because men have particular issues associated with their gender, the ACOFP started this SIG to provide family physicians with a forum about particular medical and psychological conditions that affect men.

 Chair: Patrick Hanford, DO, FACOFP
 Vice Chair: Gregory Pecchia, DO, FACOFP
 Staff Contact: Tina Burk

Military SIG 

 Description: Many osteopathic medical students are interested in military careers but don’t know who to talk to for answers. This SIG allows these students to connect with physicians in the military to talk about careers and life lifestyles as active duty physicians and to increase collegiality, networking and mentorship opportunities. 

 Chair: Lucas Hammell, DO
 Staff Contact: Tina Burk

Osteopathic Principles and Practice SIG

Description: Osteopathic distinctiveness is a major topic among osteopathic physicians who want to preserve the main tenets of their profession. This SIG allows physicians to share ideas with others who wish to discuss osteopathic principles and practice.

 Chair: Kenneth Nelson, DO, FACOFP dist.
 Vice Chair: William Stager, DO, MS, FACOFP dist.
 Staff Contact: Stacy Jacobs

Public Health & Wellness SIG

 Description: Preventing disease and promoting healthy lifestyles top the list of why many physicians wanted to become doctors. This SIG allows those doctors to share wellness practices and strategies to involve patients in their own health risk assessment. It will also serve as a resource for family physicians who are interested in national disaster surveillance, planning, response and countermeasures.

 Chair: George Smith, DO, FACOFP
 Staff Contact: Tina Burk

State Society Leaders SIG

 Description: Physicians are expected to take on more leadership roles than in the past. State society leadership (state executive directors, staff and board) helps physicians hone skills that can benefit them in their professional life. This SIG allows physicians interested in state leadership to share information, develop relationships and discuss common issues. 

 Chair: Thomas Reeths, DO, FACOFP
 Vice Chair: Gina DeFranco, DO
 Staff Contact: Brittany Balletto


Women in Medicine SIG 

 Description: With every passing decade, more women are becoming osteopathic physicians. This SIG helps women connect and share stories and experiences about their careers, life, parenting, practice issues and daily life. Effectively managing a healthy work and life balance can be a daunting task for many female physicians. This SIG also allows women to discuss their strategies and offer advice about how to strike the right balance, whether they are single or married, have children or don’t, or new to their careers or nearing retirement.

 Chair: Trudy Milner, DO
 Vice Chair: Geraldine Urse, DO, FACOFP
 Staff Contact: Tina Burk

Young Physicians SIG

 Description: Starting a new osteopathic medicine career can be a daunting task. This SIG will provide young physicians (in practice 10 years or less) with networking opportunities, idea sharing and leadership development.

 Chair: Rebecca Lewis, DO
 Vice Chair: Amanda Fischer Reeves, DO
 Staff Contact: Ashley Doyle