ACOFP’s OMT Education/Video Resources

For residencies with ACGME Osteopathic Recognition status, the OMT Education/Video Resources provide a complete OMM/OPP curriculum, with 41 chapters in the textbook spread across a three-year curriculum of monthly OMM lectures and OMT skills labs.

This online program is intended to complement the ACOFP’s textbook Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic Family Medicine - 2nd Edition published by Wolters Kluwer Health®Included is a series of comprehensive didactic lectures that correlate to 41 chapters in the textbook.

For each of the chapters in the textbook, the ACOFP’s OMM core competency program contains:

  • A PowerPoint presentation that follows the chapter content and illustrates the didactic section lecture
  • A didactic assessment (quiz) for each lecture, with referenced answer key that identifies where in the PowerPoint
    presentation the correct answers may be found
  • A psychomotor skills (OMM) assessment form, to be used in conjunction with the OMT videos and skills laboratory that
    can be found in the 2nd half of the most chapters

There is also a viscerosomatic reflex pdf that you can print out, reproduce and give to your faculty, residents and students. It consists of two pages. Copy them 2 sided, laminate them if desired, and cut the sheet into quarters, yielding four pocket reference charts, each containing viscerosomatic reflexes on one side and a description of the neurophysiology of the reflexes on the other side.

To further enhance learning, ACOFP has developed an OMT Video Library to correlate with the content of the textbook. Sort by anatomic area, type of OMT or by textbook chapter.



Residency programs, COMs and their OPTIs can obtain a license to access ACOFP's OMT Education/Video Resources by contacting  Stephen Legault at 847.952.5111.