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It’s more important now than ever to stay connected—to education and best practices in osteopathic medicine, to residency information and opportunities, and to your ACOFP friends and family. Join more than 1,500 osteopathic family physicians, residents and students for the 58th Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars, taking place completely virtually this March and featuring dedicated student programming.

Plus (new this year!), students can register at no cost for this unforgettable educational and networking event. Don't miss this chance to join your fellow students, learn from the experts and build connections that will last a lifetime.


The Student Association of the ACOFP Program

*Schedule subject to change.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

9:00 am – 12:00 pm CT
  Osteopathic Family Medicine Residency Fair  
    Deciding where you want to go for your residency is a big decision. Virtually meet the top osteopathic family medicine residency programs from around the country to learn what they have to offer.

    Separate registration required. Sign up here.
11:00–11:30 am CT   Intro to Research Opportunities and the Next Steps 
    Interested in research opportunities, but do not know where to go? Then join us for a deeper dive into the different opportunities available and how to obtain them. From the next steps to get you started to applying to following up, this session will help you navigate the many pathways of research opportunities.
    Presenter: Alison Mancuso, DO, FACOFP
11:30 am – 12:00 pm CT   30 for 30: The Best of OMT Videos
    This fun session features 30 of the top OMT procedure videos from ACOFP’s OMTotal in 30 minutes.  
12:00–12:30 pm CT
  Opening Student Session and Annual Meeting of the Student Association of ACOFP
    Join the ACOFP National Student Executive Board and ACOFP President Nicole Bixler, DO, MBA, FACOFP, who will welcome you to the ACOFP ’21 Virtual event. Learn about the strategic direction of ACOFP and celebrate the success of the Student Association of the ACOFP.
12:30–1:30 pm CT
  Diversity in Patient Populations Dermatology Workshop  
    This workshop will cover common dermatologic conditions seen in family medicine with an emphasis on diverse patient presentations with varied skin tones.
    Presenter: Rebecca J. Lewis, DO
2:00–3:00 pm CT
  Residency Program Director Panel: What Do We Look For?
    With the residency search and interview trail growing increasingly competitive, it is important to consider what program directors look for in applicants. Join this panel of osteopathic family medicine residency directors as they present helpful tips on being successful on the interview trail and during your search for a family medicine residency.
    Presenters: Jeremy Fischer DO, FACOFP; Carolyn Nelson, DO; Joseph Rawlin, DO, FACOFP
3:00–4:00 pm CT
  Coping with COVID-19 and Medical Education: The Student Perspective
    The impact of COVID-19 has been far reaching and has altered our paths as osteopathic medical students and future family physicians. From the bedside to the classroom, join us in hearing our panelists’ perspectives on the past, present and future of medical education during the COVID-19 era.
    Presenters: Amanda Wright, DO; Ian Coker, DO; Emily Colin 
4:00–5:00 pm CT
  Election Speeches & Student Chapter Awards Program
    Show your student encouragement by listening to the National Student Executive Board candidate campaign speeches and participating in the election. Support your chapters as the recipients of the 2020–21 Student Chapter Awards are presented.
5:00–6:00 pm CT
  Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Learn the Lessons from Residents
    Join the members of the Resident Council in a fun presentation based off Dr. Seuss’ book and hear about their journey as an osteopathic family medicine resident, challenges they have faced and the importance of seizing new opportunities, keeping an open mind and trying new things.
    Presenters: Loc Nguyen, DO; Tiffany Crider, DO; Zaheer and Zaheera Lukman, DO 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

8:00–9:00 am CT   Vaccine Counseling Workshop 
    As the COVID-19 pandemic illuminated health inequities, learn how family physicians can be involved in not only individual care but also within a community to talk about vaccinations.
    Presenter: Tara Pellegrino, DO
9:00–10:00 am CT
  Public Health Pathways Workshop 
    Public health is important in the field of medicine, focusing on the prevention of diseases and highlighting the inability of acquiring or accessing health. This workshop will introduce you to the role of family physicians and public health and highlight the day-to-day practices of medicine, including how we integrate public health into the work of physicians.
    Presenters: Charmaine Chan, DO; Peter Bidey. DO, MSEd, FACOFP
10:00–11:00 am CT
  Wellness: Vitamins, Supplements and More
    Determining which vitamins and supplements to take can be overwhelming. Identify solutions for vitamin and supplement regimens that target the needs of the busy medical student lifestyle.
    Presenter: Ronald Torrance, II, DO
11:00 am – 12:00 pm CT
  Election Results and Student Chapter Board Leadership Program
    Find out the election results for the 2021–22 National Student Executive Board, followed by leadership training for the new chapter officers to gain crucial insights and information for the upcoming year.


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