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Jeffrey Grove, DO, FACOFP dist. Minority/LGBTQI+ Health Disparity & Wellness Poster Competition

Namey/Burnett Preventive Medicine Writing Award
The 2020 competition is closed, but blog posts can be submitted for the 2021 competition at any time throughout the year. 

2020 Winners:

First Place
For Diabetics, Exercise is Medicine 
by Eric Yuschak, DO PGY-2; Stacy Chase, DO; Furqan Haq, MD

Second Place
Cervical Cancer: Being Proactive with Preventative Pap Smears

by Maura Fox, OMS-III

Third Place
What's New in Iron Supplementation: Your Patient's Gut May Thank You
by Anna Augustin, DO PGY-2


This award chooses the best preventive medicine blog posts submitted by osteopathic medical students, interns and residents. Nominations are solicited from residencies, colleges of osteopathic medicine and the general student membership, with the final selection made by the ACOFP Public Health and Wellness Committee.

New for 2020!

ACOFP has changed the format of the Namey/Burnett Writing Award to a blog post. This new format will have more relaxed requirements, be easier to submit, and provide writers and their papers more exposure to the osteopathic medical community through ACOFP's website and social media. See below for full details about the new competition. 

Don't forget - award recipients also win cash prizes!
   1st place = $2,000
   2nd place = $1,000
   3rd place = $500

Namey/Burnett Blog Post Submission Process

  • Submit your blog post to the ACOFP Public Health & Wellness Committee at
  • The Committee Chair will review and approve the post. 
  • Blogs will be posted in PDF form on this page of the ACOFP website, with social media posts directing followers to read submissions.
  • Now accepting submissions for the 2021 competition. 

Namey/Burnett Blog Post Submission

  • Word count between 1,000 and 2,500 words
  • 12 point font
  • Images, illustrations, graphs, photos are encouraged - subject to approval before posting
       There must no copyright on illustrations. If illustrations are from an outside source, submission must also include permission for use.

The ACOFP Public Health & Wellness Committee welcomes submissions in the following categories. Blog posts will be judged on originality, pertinence to family physicians and patients, adaptability as patient hand-outs, and writing skill. The number of article clicks per blog post will also be considered, so encourage your colleagues to check out your post!

Manuscripts of this type are detailed, critical surveys of published research relevant to clinical problems. Submissions can include up to 25 references and four original tables or figures; along with four to six keywords.

Narrative Reviews
These should include a clear objective and a description of the data selection and exclusion process. Such reviews should also provide a description of the condition being reviewed, a summary of common problems in diagnosis and treatment, and a discussion of new theories in the medical literature for improving patient care.

Evidence-Based Clinical Reviews
These reviews address the tenets and principles of osteopathic medicine. Posts should be based on solid research evidence and formatted to provide concise, helpful information that can be immediately implemented into clinical practice. Authors are encouraged to create their own tables and figures instead of using previously published material. 

Letters to the Editor
These submissions will be comments related either to articles published in the Osteopathic Family Physician (OFP) journal or to the mission of the osteopathic medical profession. The competition judges will be particularly interested in letters that discuss recently published original research.


This award, in Memory of Marie Wiseman, recognizes an osteopathic medical student who demonstrates strong philanthropic and community service. This annual award provides one osteopathic medical student with $5,000 to help defray medical school and/or personal expenses, and affirms the recipient's activities and outstanding community service within the osteopathic family medical association. A joint effort between the ACOFP and the Auxiliary to the ACOFP Awards Committee reviews applications and selects the recipient of the award. The award winner will be announced at the ACOFP Annual Convention in March 2019. The recipient will receive up to two nights hotel stay in a standard room and one round trip, coach airfare.

These $2,500 awards recognize qualified emerging osteopathic student leaders in family medicine and the ACOFP. These awards are intended to assist the students in defraying their medical school and/or personal expenses and to affirm the recipients’ interest in association leadership.

These $1,000 awards are given to qualified medical students who have indicated an interest in family medicine and the ACOFP. These awards are intended to assist the students in defraying their medical school and/or personal expenses.