Telemedicine for COVID-19 Patients: Making OMT Accessible
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In this session, a case will be discussed about teaching OMT with telemedicine technology to two patients who tested COVID 19 positive. We will discuss common somatic dysfunction found in respiratory tract infections. We will discuss evidence based medicine in teaching OMT to laypersons and utilization of OMT in respiratory infections. Will discuss 5 simple techniques including sub-occipital release, pectoralis traction, thoracic outlet release, seated rib raising and pedal pump. For each technique, will describe the steps and benefits of each in language that a layperson can understand. Will also include a video demonstrating each technique preformed on a couch to simulate patients provided treatment at home. If a blog, will then include a single instructional video with all 5 techniques. These instructional videos will be preformed by myself. Will include the language to convey to laypersons for each step of the technique.

Learning objectives:
Describe common somatic dysfunction found in lower respiratory tract infections.
Instruct patients and their caregivers how to preform simple techniques at home to improve breathing, balance autonomic nervous system and enhance lymphatic system.
Demonstrate the appropriate language when communicating with lay persons when describing OMT benefits and techniques.