2020 Faculty Development/Program Director's Workshop Call for Posters

New this year is the opportunity for faculty, residents and students to submit online poster presentations for ACOFP ‘20 in New Orleans. This can be original research, a quality improvement initiative or a case presentation.

SUBMIT (Deadline has passed)

Posters will be displayed on one of two 65-inch flat screen monitors arranged outside of the 2020 Faculty Development/Program Director's Workshop rotating on a two-minute basis. Posters should be created on a single PowerPoint slide in widescreen format (16:9 ratio). With such a large screen to view the posters on, a small font (8pt or above) should be legible.

Participation in the Poster Presentation will help towards meeting the ACGME Family Medicine Scholarly Activity requirements: 
IV.D.1. Program Responsibilities IV.D.1.a) The program must demonstrate evidence of scholarly activities consistent with its mission(s) and aims. (Core)
IV.D.2.b) The program must demonstrate dissemination of scholarly activity within and external to the program by the following methods: 
IV.D.2.b).(1) faculty participation in grand rounds, posters, workshops, quality improvement presentations, podium presentations, grant leadership, non-peer reviewed print/electronic resources, articles or publications, book chapters, textbooks, webinars, service on professional committees, or serving as a journal reviewer, journal editorial board member, or editor; (Outcome)‡ 
IV.D.3.a) Residents must participate in scholarship. (Core)
IV.D.3.b) Residents should complete two scholarly activities, at least one of which should be a quality improvement project. (Outcome)

While the residents do not need to be present, it is encouraged that the faculty attend the Faculty Development and Program Directors’ Workshop.

Please include a statement whether an IRB approval was needed. If yes, please include a copy of the IRB approval.

The Faculty Development Program Directors Workshop Committee will complete continuous review of posters as they are submitted. You are encouraged to submit early. Should you submit early, the Committee will give every attempt to review your abstract and provide you with constructive feedback in order to strengthen your submission. You will be notified if the online poster is accepted.  If submitted early you may be given an opportunity to make changes as suggested by the Committee and resubmit for this year’s poster session. The absolute deadline for any submission (original or revised) is February 2, 2020.

All questions should be directed to Bina Mehta at 847.952.5105 or binam@acofp.org.