2019 ACOFP Future Leaders Conference

February 1 - 3, 2019
Hyatt Regency Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona


The ACOFP Future Leaders Conference is designed for outstanding new physicians (in practice five years or less) and residents who are interested in achieving a greater awareness of their leadership style and its impact on their professional performance. 

The Future Leaders Conference creates a learning experience where attendees will participate in activities with the goal of:

  • Maintaining and prioritizing personal balance
  • Leading and managing change
  • Understanding strengths and maximizing the talents of others
  • Learning what influences leadership
  • Connecting with peers and ACOFP leaders 

Participants will enjoy a “learn through doing” program and walk away with a greater awareness of their skills and leadership styles.


Nominees must be a family medicine resident or new physician, ACOFP member, and interested in volunteering their skills and knowledge to ACOFP. Participants must plan on being present for all activities beginning Friday afternoon and concluding Sunday morning. Nominations require:

  • Completed nomination form
  • Nominee's Curriculum Vitae
  • At least one letter of recommendation from the nominator, Residency Program Director or state society 
  • Completed essay question

For more information, please contact Ashley Doyle.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Attendee List:

Andrew Crow, DO; Antonio Flores DO; Benjamin Chan, DO; Brenda Pecotte de Gonzalez, DO, MPH, MA; Chelsea Presbrey, DO, PGY3; Dr. Jennifer S. Lee, DO; Elaine Ho, DO; Gina Charles, DO; Hussein Christopher Khraizat DO; Jaclyn Sylvain, OMS II; Jesse Shaw, DO; Karri MacMillan, DO; Mariam Teimorzadeh, DO; Matthew Barker, DO; Matthew Else, DO; Matthew Fenlason, DO; Michael Majetich, DO; Patricia Martin, DO; Peter K. Hoftiezer DO; Reneeta Basu, DO MPH; Ryan Huang, DO; Samantha Flanagan, DO; Sarah Denham DO, Associate Program Director; Selena Raines, DO; Sheila Ramanathan, DO; Susan Ratay, DO, MS