ACOFP Supports Members Impacted by Changing Immigration Order
The ACOFP recently sent a letter to ACOFP program directors, faculty, residents and students about the ongoing immigration policy from the Trump Administration. The ACOFP is committed to supporting the osteopathic medical community to work and train in the osteopathic profession. The ACOFP will continue to be involved with situations that may impact its members.

OMT Video of the Week
Take a look at the OMT video, Submandibular Percussion, which is part of Chapter 24 - The Patient with Upper Respiratory Infection, Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic Family Medicine - 2nd EditionThis procedure is employed to reduce congestion of the superficial soft tissues and enhance lymphatic drainage of the face.

      The Use of Occipital Nerve Blocks & Trigger Point Injections in Headaches with Occipital Tenderness
Samuel Madore, DO; Mitchell K. Ross, MD; Amber Hayden, DO

      Osteopathic Considerations in the Injections of the Respiratory Tract

Sheldon Yao, DO; Nardine Mikhail, OMS III; George Koutsouras, OMS III; Allison Coombs, OMS III; Michael J. Terzella, DO

      Knee Pain in Adults with an Osteopathic Component
Rohan Datta, OMS III; Lyudmila Burina, OMS III; Filippo Romanelli, OMS III; Theodore B Flaum, DO, FACOFP