Focus on Health - Fitness & Nutrition
The Health is Primary campaign 'focus on health' for January is on fitness and nutrition. Our monthly toolkit includes patient information sheets on the importance of good fitness and nutrition habits, ads and the January calendar with facts and sample tweets to help promote our 'focus on health.

OMT Video of the Week

Take a look at the OMT video, Atlas Posterior Muscle Energy, which is part of Chapter 24 - The Patient with Upper Respiratory Infection, Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic Family Medicine - 2nd Edition

NEW - Payment Ready Resource Kit

This Resource Kit walks you through the CMS Quality Payment Program and how to report effectively. It provides you the steps to complete each category for 2017 in order to avoid non-reporting penalties, and potentially gain incentive payments from CMS on your Medicare Part B patients. Each section contains the best-of-the-best information on each topic. It also includes the steps and deadlines needed to complete each category. Learn more >>


      The Use of Occipital Nerve Blocks & Trigger Point Injections in Headaches with Occipital Tenderness
Samuel Madore, DO
Mitchell K. Ross, MD
Amber Hayden, DO

      Osteopathic Considerations in the Injections of the Respiratory Tract

Sheldon Yao, DO; Nardine Mikhail, OMS III
George Koutsouras, OMS III
Allison Coombs, OMS III
Michael J. Terzella, DO

      Knee Pain in Adults with an Osteopathic Component
Rohan Datta, OMS III
Lyudmila Burina, OMS III
Filippo Romanelli, OMS III
Theodore B Flaum, DO, FACOFP