The Final CMS Rule for 2017, which impacts Family Physicians, was made public in October 2016. This Resource Page walks you through the definitions of each category of the CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) and how to report effectively. For 2017, you will need to report on Quality, Advancing Care Information, Clinical Practice Improvement Activities, and Resource Use (no reporting required, information gathered by CMS through claims data).

The combination of these four categories adds up to 100% of your Composite Performance Score (CPS). The CPS then is used by CMS to calculate your Payment Modifier that is the penalty or incentive payment you will receive on each Medicare Part B patient.  For 2017 the maximum penalty or incentive is 4%. In each future year, penalties will continue to climb reaching plus or minus 9% in 2020.

This Resource Kit walks you through the steps to be able to complete each of these for 2017 in order to avoid non-reporting penalties, and potentially gain incentive payments from CMS on your Medicare Part B patients. Each section contains the best-of-the-best information on each topic. It also includes the steps and deadlines needed to complete each category. 

The Resource Page also contains links to sites on the CMS website where you will register for a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number and set up an account through the CMS Enterprise Portal where you can view your CMS quality score twice per year. 

Section 1

Overview of the new CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) and How to Gain Incentives by Participating.

Section 2

Take Action – The CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) for 2017.

Section 3

The Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Demonstration Project (CPC+) and Update to the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Model for 2017.

Section 4

Why is “Population Health” Important for Your Practice and How ACOFP Quality Markers 7.0 Can Help You Meet CMS Quality Requirements.

Section 5

Advancing Care Information (ACI), Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIA), and Resource Use.

Section 6

Becoming a Medicare Provider.