ICD-10 Resources

ICD-10 has now replaced ICD-9 as of 2015. See below to find resources, webcasts, and tools to help you code with greater specificity in ICD-10. 

Online Education 

Recorded Presentations

ICD-10:  Beware of Looming Denial Risks Ahead
Presented by: Joseph C. Mazzola, DO, FACOFP and Matthew Menendez
By the end of this presentation, participants will be able understand the changes to ICD-10 which began October 1, 2016. This includes greater specificity when selecting codes. Identify financial and operational risks to family medicine practices in 2016 and 2017, and evaluate strategies to mitigate risks to cash flow and physician productivity.

ICD-10 Essentials
ICD-10 is here and this webcast provides you with answers to basic questions about the new ICD-10 system. Examples of how to code in ICD-10 are given. 

Prepare for ICD 10
This presentation provides osteopathic family physicians with a baseline knowledge of why the industry is moving from ICD-9 to ICD-10, including benefits, challenges, timelines and impacts. It also provides some guidelines as to the documentation changes that will be needed to support the new ICD-10 guidelines.

Links and Resources for ICD-10 

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ICD-10 Encoder - What You Need to Know for 2017
Enter a description into the new encoder to find the best and most descriptive code to enter. A few extra seconds of looking for the most appropriate code can save you and your practice an audit.

AHIMA's Code-Check™
AHIMA, American Healthcare Information Management Association is offering subscriptions to “Code Check”. For a fee, you can submit questions on-line about ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS coding. Your question will be answered by a certified, experienced coder in 24 hours. The subscription covers all members of your practice so could be very cost-effective. 

NEW ICD-10 Resource for Family Medicine and Specialists
View information on some of the most common codes seen by Family Medicine and specialists. Included are lists of codes, case studies, and simple questions and answers to test your knowledge of ICD-10 coding scenarios. 

ICD-10 Implementation: Coding Basics Revisited – December 8, 2015
This video, done by actual coders from leading societies, has some good examples that may be seen by Family Medicine physicians. They review some of the key coding guidelines including, laterality, 7th character, initial and subsequent encounters, and sequelae. The examples include the following diseases and injuries: glaucoma, injuries (malunion, non-union), physical therapy, suture removal, cast change, medication adjustment, healing status, dressing changes, arthritis, infections, fracture, etc. 

Advance Care Planning
Physicians, starting on January 1, 2016, can bill for Advance Care Planning (ACP). This is to discuss advance care directives with patients. Physicians are encouraged by the AMA to have these discussions at various times in the patient journey – when they are a new patient, when a serious illness happens, and periodically through their life. This short article from the AMA defines the requirements for using the code and the documentation to receive reimbursement. 

End of Life Conversations - video
Both Physicians and Case Managers find themselves having difficult discussions on end of life decisions with patients and their families. 
Watch the video for some guidance on the components of these discussions. Receive reimbursement for these encounters from CMS starting Jan. 1, 2016 using Advance Care Planning (ACP) Codes. Look for a webinar on coding for ACP, Chronic Care Management (CCM), and Transitional Care Management (TCM) on this site beginning Dec. 20, 2015. 

Chronic Care Management Success
While physicians are excited to receive payment by CMS for non-face-to-face care through CCM and TCM codes, there are certain limitations with documentation in EMRs. This is a great article which explains the codes and shows physicians the steps to correct documentation in EMRs to support their use.  

Recruiting Sites

Below are recruiting sites to use to if you want to hire a coder. They only place experienced, certified coders. 
Randstad Healthcare  
Maxim Staffing  

CMS Medicare Learning Network, ICN: 909188. “Chronic Care Management Services.”
Code for Non-Face-to-Face healthcare interactions – Guidelines for use 

Coding “Crosswalk”
Tool for translation between ICD-9 and ICD-10. 

ICD-10 Codes 
Look up ICD-10 codes from the name of injury or disease, gives you the ICD-10 codes to select from.

Coding Consulting and Assistance Resolving Audits
Strobel Billing and Consulting, LLC 
Coding Schools by State
Query about preceptorship candidates for your practice or to establish a preceptorship program at your practice for qualified coding students