Student Member Leadership Opportunities 

Build your leadership skills by serving on a national or state ACOFP Committee, an SAACOFP Committee, running for the ACOFP National Student Executive Board or applying for the position of Student Governor on the ACOFP Board of Governors.  

Outside of your school's SAACOFP chapter, there are volunteer opportunities available at both the ACOFP state level and the national level. The ACOFP President and President -elect appoints student members to national committees for a 1-year term (March to March). Selected committees require attendance at up to two face-to-face meetings per term and all committees have regular conference calls throughout the year. Learn about each of our committees before deciding on which volunteer opportunity is best for you. 

There are also other opportunities to get more involved with the ACOFP state societies, which are another great source for networking. If you see a committee that sparks your interest, or you are curious about learning more about our state societies, please email your request Your information will be forwarded to and reviewed by ACOFP leadership and you will be notified of the appointment in January. 

The Student Association of the ACOFP has three committees where students can apply to serve as a member, secretary, or chair. Committee applications are due in June of each year.


  • Engage students on research projects that further educates on topics pertaining to family medicine.
  • Present and share those findings annually at the ACOFP Convention and/or via webcast.


  • Promote involvement of medical students by guiding students through different  stages of medical school.
  • Prepare webcast about activities to engage in during 1st and 2nd year and how succeed in 3rd and 4th year rotations in family medicine.


  • Give students the ability to become more involved in advocating for their fellow students and future of their education through resolutions writing.
  • Prepare webcasts to teach students how to write successful resolutions with appropriate formatting and effective wording.

Elections for the National Student Executive Board are held during the ACOFP Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars. Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary and Parliamentarian. Criteria can be found in the SAACOFP Constitution and Bylaws.

Those interested should: