Executive Council of ACOFP Fellows

Encourage, recognize and reward those board certified osteopathic family physicians who have demonstrated leadership within the Osteopathic Profession and in their communities on a local, state and national level.

The Executive Council of Conclave of Fellows shall consist of nine members, including the elected Secretary. The nine standing council members and Chairs shall serve a maximum of up to three consecutive three-year terms, with the exception that the members may complete the term in which nine years or more of service is completed. Three members will be re-elected or elected annually to assure continuity to serve on the Executive Council. To qualify, a candidate must be an active Fellow and have been a Fellow for at least two years.

The Chair and Vice Chair will be elected by the members of the Executive Council immediately following the Annual Business Meeting. The Secretary shall be nominated and elected by the entire Conclave, for a term of three years, assuming that he/she has not already served nine years on the Council. Members of the Executive Council will be nominated and elected by the entire Conclave during the Annual Business Meeting. A position on the Executive Council will be deemed vacant if the member fails to attend three consecutive meetings. 

Top row (left to right): 
Paul Martin, DO, FACOFP dist.; Dana Shaffer, DO, FACOFP dist.; Patrick Hanford, DO, FACOFP dist.; Ronnie Martin, DO, FACOFP dist.; Steven Bander, DO, FACOFP

Bottom row (left to right): 
James Froelich, III, DO, FACOFP dist.; Jan Zieren, DO, FACOFP dist.; William Betz, DO, FACOFP dist.    

Not pictured: 
Alesia Wagner, DO, FACOFP dist., and Steven Rubin, DO, FACOFP dist