Recorded Webinars


  COMLEX Success

Do you want to learn tips and strategies for crushing the COMLEX?
SAACOFP and a panel of top scoring osteopathic students from around the nation who have recently aced their COMLEX Level 1 exams share their testing skills. Learn what resources they used, how they incorporated board studying with school and much more!

Karla Guerra, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Candidate, Class of 2018, C.U.S.O.M
Garrett Harrison, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Candidate, Class of 2017, A-COM
Alyssa Estes, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Candidate, Class of 2018, Touro - COM


Presented by: Daniel Moses; Annemarie J. Anglim and 
Brenda Pecotte de Gonzalez 

Traveling Abroad: The Clinical Way

Stanley E. Grogg, DO, Grace Stewart, MD and the SAACOFP Clinical Preparations Committee discuss taking clinical preparation abroad. This recorded webinar discusses how to get involved in international outreach, and how to maximize your clinical experience on a medical outreach trip. Presenters will also share their experiences and what you can expect when traveling abroad, and how to prepare for an international trip.

  Road Map to Residency: Navigating Interview Season

This recorded webinar presented by Hilary Haack, DO, covers what to look for in your dream residency, how to prepare for an interview, what to expect, what interviewers look for in you, and how to create a rank list.

Obstetrics Within the Scope of Family Medicine

Love OB? Love Peds? You can have it all within the specialty of family medicine. Dr. Danley discusses her experiences as an Obstetrician in osteopathic family medicine and the wide range of activities OBs experience. 

Pivotal Decisions:
Rural Medicine Past, Present and Future

Thomas Told, DO, FACOFP dist. discusses his experience as a rural osteopathic family physician, and the wide range of activities rural docs have done in the past and continue to do today.

        Residency Interviews - Beyond the Basics

Are you concerned about residency interviews? Are you interested in taking a closer look at the interview process and learning what to expect? We understand how anxiety-provoking interviews can be, so we are striving to remove some of the guess-work to allow you to be comfortable and confident when interview day arrives! 

  Federal Lobbying 101 

Learn why it's important for physicians to be involved in lobbying federal officials, who you should lobby and what to say.

Presented by 2015-2016 ACOFP President,
Kevin V. de Regnier, DO, FACOFP dist.