OMT Procedures Through Step-By-Step Video Instruction

Access the OMT Procedures Videos Online
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View step-by-step demonstrations of 122 OMT procedures with OMT Procedure Videos Online, a free educational resource for all osteopathic medical residents and students. It was developed by the ACOFP’s Subcommittee on OPP Publications & Educational Resources, based on the ACOFP textbook Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic Family Medicine

Several osteopathic medical schools are using these videos as part of their standard curriculum in lecture and lab sessions, along with didactic information in ACOFP Educational/Video Resources for Teaching OMT Procedures. Regardless of whether your school is using the didactic materials, you can use these videos to:
  • Refine your OMT skills
  • Increase the number of OMT procedures you currently use
  • In an easy to understand manner, review OMT procedures you may already know, but with which you do not yet feel comfortable
  • Observe variations of OMT procedures that you have already mastered
To access the videos, simply click on the link below, accept the licensing agreement and then select the videos you would like to see, sorting by anatomic area to be treated, type of OMT or chapter in the ACOFP publication Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic Family Medicine, which can be purchased separately.

Access the OMT Procedures Videos Online