NEW - 2016 Update

Intensive Update & Board Review - ONLINE

The ACOFP sponsors the Intensive Update & Board Review - a 3-day intensive workshop - for family physicians and residents who plan on taking the certification or recertification exams administered by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. Through lectures by DOs and hands-on sessions, physicians and residents brush up on key skills and knowledge that will help them prepare for their exams. 

It’s from these live sessions that the self-study modules are recorded to help update you on the most important areas for your exams while earning 1-B Credit. Modules are viewable on computers, smartphones or tablets.

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Self-Study Module Topics

You can choose among 27 half-hour modules and 2 one-hour modules that are all worth 1-B Credit each. Review all of them for 15.5 hours of Category 1-B CME credit. 

Topics include:

"Test-Taking Skills"
EKG Case Presentations
Radiology Review
Baby Basics
Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Obstetrical Topics
Women's Health
Primary Concerns in Men's Health
Adult Infectious Disease Review
Matters of the Heart
Common Concerns of the Kidney 
Therapeutic Applications of OMT for Specific Disease Processes
Dermatology from the Outside In
Dermatological Manifestations of Systemic Disease
Evolving Issues in Endocrinology
Pulmonary Predicatments in Primary Care
ENT for the Family Physician
Common Surgical Issues
Rheumatology Review
Neurology Notes for Boards
Mindful Medicine-Behavioral Concerns in Primary Care
Helpful Hints in Hematology
It's a Gas - A Review of Gastroenterology
Oncology Topics in Primary Care
Health Concerns of Our Age-Gifted Seniors
Addiction Medicine - Substances of Abuse
Sports Medicine Review
Bone-Up on Orthopedics
The Phrase "It Depends" Doesn't Apply Today


The ACOFP offers pricing options for members and non-members. 

Bulk Package

Includes 29 modules!
$625  Members/$775 Non-Members
2 one-hour modules
27 thirty-minute modules

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Individual Modules

Thirty-minute modules each:
$25 Members/$30 Non-Members

One-Hour modules each:
$30 Members/$35 Non-Members

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