ACOFP Affiliate and State Societies
Team Resource Guide

Welcome to the ACOFP’s Affiliate and State Society Team Resource Guide, where you will find helpful tools to build or enhance your own society. ACOFP affiliate and state societies are an important advocate for osteopathic family medicine, and provide their members with invaluable professional networks and local continuing medical education programming.

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ACOFP State Society Executive Director Town Hall Series

Join us for the our next meeting:
ACOFP State Society Executive Director Town Hall
Thursday, August 30, 2022 | 12:00 pm CT
Join ACOFP staff for a follow up on our call from June with updates from the national organization and a venue for open dialogue between state society executive directors. We look forward to the conversation and, to assist in guiding that conversation, please complete the survey, if you haven't already.

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June 30, 2022 Town Hall
Hear from the members of the ACOFP staff provide an update about the educational program state partnership opportunities, updates for the ACOFP Congress of Delegates and the ACOFP Annual Convention and Scientific Seminars. 

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ACOFP State Society Webinar Series On-Demand

Webinar: Who’s Up Next?
Leadership succession doesn’t happen on its own. We need to nurture volunteerism in our organizations. It begins with understanding what is driving today’s member to volunteer. This webinar explores the effective practices that assures your group has today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.
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Webinar: Content, Conversations & Communications

Yes, we can engage members and volunteers over the airwaves and the web – without hosting a meeting. In fact, content and conversations are the core of the value we deliver to members. This webinar focuses on tips for refreshing our communications strategy to tap in content and create conversation.

Keeping Sponsors By Your Side

Let’s tackle a shared challenge: sponsor engagement. Yes, sponsors still want to be in the game however with the rules changed, they need the options to be changed. Associations that are succeeding have done just that. This webinar shares strategies and quick-win tips.
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Webinar: New Ideas for Engaging Members in the New Year

Virtual is still the rule of the day for many of us. It’s a new year though so how can we engage virtually in new days? Can we get beyond Zoom? Let’s explore ways to connect with members. This webinar shares the successes in 2020 and explores a new engagement activities for 2021.
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Webinar: Unlocking Membership Retention - Creating Connection

Listen to the an industry expert on why members are joining your state association and tips on how to deliver messages and member services in the midst of a pandemic and many disruptions in society and the profession. This webinar will be take you through some tips and tricks that state societies can employ in 2021 to engage and retain members.

Additional Resources:
- Download the PPT as a PDF

- Virtual Meetings: Let’s make them engaging 
- 7 Resources for Virtual Meetings 
- Ban the Boring Meeting  
- Keep Sponsors by your side: 16 ideas

Webinar: Best Practices and Tips on Moving Your In-Person Meeting to a Virtual Meeting

Listen to the ACOFP staff on their experience when they pivoted from their traditional live Annual Convention in 2020 to a virtual event. Best practices and tips for
insurance, contracts and registration; preparing speakers for the transition from live to virtual; developing a marketing strategy for a virtual meeting; virtual platforms, and overall suggestions for pre, post and live situations.

View additional resources for virtual meetings: Drop Box – Resources for Virtual Meetings

View the ASAE article How an Association Turned Its Major Conference Into a Virtual Event in a Week which features the ACOFP’s journey to going virtual.

Webinar: Board Orientation Best Practices
Listen to the ACOFP recorded webinar presented by the ACOFP leaders and staff to ensure your state board member orientation includes all the best practices and necessary information.